Saturday, February 27, 2010

Valley Forge National Park

Going to Valley Forge in the winter makes it a bit chilly to walk around, but it is a lot less crowded and a lot more authentic. We happen to be in the area, and we just learned about George Washington. Here is some information if you would like to go too:
  • Plan your trip on their website
  • Start at the welcome center - there is a film, exhibit, and a great little bookstore
  • Ask the range at the welcome center for a Jr. Ranger book and to explain the program to you and your child or read about it on their website. They can earn a badge.
  • There is an audio tour on cd for your car. It is a hour long I believe. You can purchase it in the gift shop.
  • Ask the rangers questions, they are usually more than happy to tell you about the park and it's history.
  • On the weekends they may have people dress in costume. When we went on a Sunday afternoon, there were some teenage boys dressed as patriot soldiers. They told Ms. G about the cabins.
  • Starting in January through April, the park has a special event where your child (6-12) can join the Continental army. The lessons build on one another, so it is best to start in Jan. and try to make each one. We certainly look forward to doing this in the future.
  • FYI tours for Washington Headquarters meets at the train station, not the headquarters. Ms. G loved seeing where he slept and ate, the hike up and down the long ramp are well worth it.
  • Ms. G also enjoyed the recreated cabins and the artifacts (welcome center)
  • Try to spot deer, the park has a lot to offer in nature as well as history
  • King of Prussia Mall is close by if you want to eat out afterward - January is not the best picnicking weather!

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