Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mid-Week Church Update

Since I quiet my job at night, we decided to try the mid-week church activities once again. Here are the pros and cons we have experienced so far:

  • They now have a program for Mr. Z and Mr. JP, so they can make some friends at church.
  • The mom's group was moved to same time as the kids activities.
  • Ms. G really sees going to her mid-week kids club now as a privilege, and works hard to quickly get to bed and not whine so much the next day.
  • It works much better now that my daughter is older - maturity helps!
  • Last week they had a family week at my daughter's club, though we were the only complete family there. Besides those running the club, there was 1 Dad and 1 Mom, that's it. Family to family fellowship has been hard for us to find.
  • One of Ms. G's friends started coming. Before none of her friends really went, so what is the point of building relationships when the girls she knows are not there.

  • They do have trouble focusing on their school work the next day because of the lack of sleep. I let them sleep later, but they like to rise with the sun.
  • My husband only gets a hour with his kids, including dinner in that time.
  • After a 10 or 11 hour day, my husband just wants to stay home, so we do not always go as a family. Us girls go, and the men stay behind.
  • There is no dads or men's meeting, so my husband is still finding his place, which probably will be volunteering once a month.

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