Friday, February 5, 2010

What to Do With All That Artwork?

Common Mom problem - What to do with all that precious artwork?
Here are some ideas:

Beyond the Refrigerator Door

Postcard Gift Pack

Art Cards

Family Calendar

Off-the-Wall Art Strip
This idea would be better applied to laminated art prints, otherwise you could go through a lot of Velcro. Not to mention the Velcro would damage the child's artwork.

Masterpiece Theater
Ever-changing Art Museum
Scroll down to this title, it is the one with the red art frames. We want to try this one first! I love the simplicity and the idea of re-using something.-(This is my favorite article on art storage)

From IKEA we purchased 4 magnet strips that run across the walk in our kitchen, which works great for a quick post. My husband often gets frustrated when he knocks them down, so that is a downside. Cannot find it on their website, but they sell them in the Home Organization section in the MartketPlace by the office supplies. They cost us $ .99 when we bought it, and they came with 4 magnets. (see photo)

The smaller 3 D works of art we keep on the high bookshelves for a season. Then we take a picture and depose of it - or - be put it in their treasure box.

Keepsake Portfolio - Gradually buying one for each kid. I write the year on each tab. This if just for the keepers - not ALL of their art :-) You can purchase these at Lakeshore, look for their sales. (see photo)

Can you add your idea to the list?

We love the kids' artwork, but we try not to tie our hearts to objects. So, we like to take a picture of our child holding the artwork before we toss it or pass it along. We never toss it without asking (unless they a too tiny to care). There is just not space to keep it all, so do not feel guilty for moving on and lighting the load. Another hard, but great life lesson!

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