Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

When we started out homeschooling, we made a rule a snow day would only be called if my the snow was so bad that my husband could not go into work. Now that I am in my official 4th year (if you do not counting Pre-K), we have school anyway, and save the day off for the springtime.

To be honest, our days go so much better when we do school. The children get into less trouble. Not to say we do not need a brake, we all do. It is just I like to schedule that for after a few weeks of hard work, not a random day. Besides, most work can get done by lunchtime, if we start early.

A snow day is not as much fun when you know you will have to do the work on another day. I guess originally I wanted them to have the joy as I did as a child with a surprise day off from school. They will have other joys, such as doing school outside during spring or wearing what ever they want to school - like fairy wings or a prairie bonnet. They will have homeschool co-ops. They will have the joy of running around in their art teachers big yard with the other homeschool kids after class. Or my personal favorite, when their overwhelmed mom cannot take the dirty house one minute longer and calls, "Home Ec Day."*

Doing school with the snow falling outside makes our school so cozy. I think I will save my random day off for when I will really need it. Homeschooling is hard, and there will be a day, probably soon, in the future, when I just need a day off.

How do you handle a "Snow Day?"

*Home Economics day is where your children and you cancel schoolwork and clean the house. While I do not count this as a school day, it is an important life skill to teach. You could also call a Staff Development Day, when you need a day to catch up on homeschool preparations or bills or just need a sanity brake. Homeschool is intense, there are those times where both the kids and you just need to take a brake that is not scheduled on the calendar.

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  1. I guess if you don't need to travel, you don't need a snow day, right? I'd much rather take a day off when the weather is beautiful... scrap the plans for the day and go to the park!! :)