Monday, February 1, 2010

I Feel Beat

When you are homeschooling, other things - like meals need to be simplified. When I finish school, I am beat, but it is also lunch time too! Come to think of it, I feel pretty depleted by dinner, and defiantly done by bedtime, too done to prepare for breakfast the next day. Then there is the house and laundry. My head and shoulders are sinking by the minute.

Habits and organizational skills will go a long way to easing the burden on the homeschool mother. If the HS mom does not address these issues, they can have impact on her family's life on a deeper level. One example is her husband and her may decide to limit their family size because of the level of work and stress. While there is no magical number of children that equals a Christian family, trying to be open to the Lord blessing the family with another child is being open to the Lord's plan. Since this is not a post about family size, I will save the rest of this topic for another post.

Habits need to be built one by one in baby steps. I cannot do it all either, so I will have to learn to say no to somethings. Once the habit is established, it will be automatic. I will be stopping the stress causers before erupt into problems.

Since meals are so important to ones health and ability to function (esp. focus for the kids), I am going to start with food first. Also, since breakfast is the most important of the day, and the meal that effects our school day the most, I will start there.

I will report back with my simple and healthy breakfast menu plan. This will be a challenge with all the picky eaters in this house. Any whole food, kid friendly recipe ideas are VERY welcome.

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