Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Homeschool Make-Over

What once work for homeschooling is no longer working, it is time to make some changes. You also want to add more efficient ways to getting school done. Here are some of our make-over changes:

  • Circle time in the morning - Calendar, prayer, Bible reading( may be additional to curriculum), Pledge of Allegiance ~I will post more later.
  • Little Ones go first for 15 minutes, then finish the rest later when the older one is working independent. This way I get the Kindergartner at his best. I do not know why I did not do this before.
  • The one above will require me to change around the order subjects are done.
  • Timed schedule using a timer to keep us on track - I have a cute apple timer for Ms. G to use. This helps us to keep focused on what we are suppose to be doing.
  • What read alouds we do not get to during the day, will be done after dinner. The kids love piling up on the couch while I read to them in the evening.
  • With my workbox system, each kid has a crate. I have no boxes for JP, but I do have his crate full of preschool manipulatives. When I school Mr. Z, I take both the boys' crates out to the living room carpet. This way JP happily plays with his crate and leaves Kindergarten with little interruption. I will have to do a post about what is in my crates and about using the workbox system.

Remember that change does not happen over night. It takes planning and time to get everything thought out and set up.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I'm looking forward to your workbox post. I've read a little about how some of the Heart of Dakota Moms use this system with HOD.