Monday, March 1, 2010

Post on "When Mama Has Limited Energy"

Thought this would be helpful to Hope and Catherine as they are both expecting at the moment, but since we all will go through trials or health issues that zap our energy, I thought the rest of us could us this post as well. I know I found it encouraging.

When Mama Has Limited Energy

I would add:
  • Hire help if you can afford it - whether that means using Shoprite's shop at home, a mother's helper or a cleaning service. The author of the Blog post does suggest asking for help, but I wanted to mention the idea of paying for help too. Moms, myself included tend to feel guilty or unsupermomish at the idea of spending our household finances on such a "luxury" for ourselves. However, if we humble ourselves, we will see it really is a need in order to homeschool and have peace in our household, as well as for our health. Believe me, I know from experience, you can work yourself so hard that you WILL get sick. Accept your limits. Just research how much it would cost to put your children in private Christian school, paying for any or all of those services is much less even when you add the cost of curriculum. If there is no way to even find an extra $10, reach our to your church family, extended family or homeschool support group for help. You will be blessing another with an opportunity to serve.
  • This is sort of silly, but use paper plates - the thin cheap kind. As my mother would say, "It is about survival." Well, just in general, make life as simple as possible.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I actually follow that blog now and read that post yesterday. I sent it to Sara too and she got a lot of encouragement out of it. :) Thanks for thinking of us!!