Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Hundred and One Titles

There a lot of books I want to read, especially before my kids grow up - since their purpose is to educated my on parenting or homeschooling. There are also a lot of other books I want to about Christianity and my walk with God. And on it goes.

Recently I have been watching the latest movie version of Jane Austin's book Emma, and there is a part where Emma, in an effort to improve herself, makes a list of 101 titles of books she intends to read. I want to make a list for myself, so I do not miss a book piled under all the other books around here.

From you, I would like to recommend some titles to add to my list. What are some books you want to read? What books have you read that were excellent, that have impacted your life? Have you read any good books lately that would be helpful to a Christian, homeschooler or mom? They can be fiction or non-fiction. The Bible is an obvious answer, of course, and I have read all of Austin's works - so do not be a smarty and list Emma as one :-)

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