Monday, March 22, 2010

I.O.U.S.A Movie Review

My husband and I enjoyed this movie about the national debt. It made him feel angry and bummed, but it makes me excited to make change - the political kind. America can turn things around, but we have to stop our bad habits, work hard, sacrifice and change.

Start with our own households first. Buy less, save more. Spend LESS than you make. Cash and carry. Owe as little as possible. If you have to take a loan for a house, pay more than required even if it is just a few bucks more. Help those in greater need than yourself.

Then get active in the community to change the country. One of the easiest ways to do this is simple to vote for those candidates that will be fiscally responsible stewards. The other is just to talk about the issue with others - word of mouth. America loves watch the TV, recommend the movie. The movie website has information on how to be active, such as sending a letter to your congressman, which they make very easy to do. Also, there is the Peter G. Peterson Foundation that is mentioned in the documentary, this website would be able to provide you with more up to date information, additional ways to get involved and the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter. Then there is the Tea Party Movement or here.

We first watched some of the movie on-line through Netflix, but if your computer is painfully slow as ours, just get it from your local library.

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