Tuesday, March 23, 2010

101 Titles and Counting

Well, I made my list, though I have not included the mass of missionary biographies I want to read. In my search through my bookshelves, I am ashamed to say that I found 3 books that I had double copies of.

My list is now standing at 164 titles and that is after narrowing it down. I have not even glanced at the manila envelope stuffed with little scraps of paper scribbled with book titles and ISBN numbers from this past year when I worked at the Christian bookstore.

Time is short, and I will not be typing out the list on the blog. I had handwritten my list, and my hand ached for 2 days. However, I will write a review when I finish a book. Happy Reading!


  1. Are the 164 titles books that you still have to read? Or your total collection of books?

    Looking forward to the reviews!

  2. The list is books I want to read. I do not own most of books on the list, but I probably do own 164 - well probably more actually. I do get a lot of my books out of the Library. I should put the wishes on ISBN numbers on PBS.

    Many of our books were purchased at our Library's used book sale and used curriculum sales. I get excited just thinking about them! We do get some free from other homeschoolers too.

    Our living room is about your size and I have 7 bookcases in it - and that is not all our books. Yikes! That is a lot. Thank goodness IKEA had a good $20 bookcase.

    Please post any good books you read.

  3. 7 bookcases is a lot! :) We're sort of busting at the seams with our 1 puny bookcase. We could probably use another one. Ha!