Sunday, December 20, 2009

Socialization not a Problem

Washington Times Op-ed—Socialization not a Problem

Follow the link above for an excellent article on socialization and homeschooling. They mentioned a very interesting Canadian study.

The results do not surprise me because I have know a number of homeschooling families whose children are now entering the "real" world. However, it is nice to know that what I see in my circle is generally what is happening else where. Another reason it does not surprise me that homeschooled children are doing well socially is that homeschoolers are so much apart of the community. They are very active, and love to learn. Since most homeschoolers want to build character in their children, they often serve in the community. I also notice from going to large homeschool conventions, that homeschoolers are in general very partriotic, which makes for a good citizen.

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