Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lunch Date

Finding a good time for a date with your husband can be hard. Paying for a baby sitter can get expensive. We have been able to solve these problems by going out on a lunch date.

My mom, who is retried, lives about 1 hour away. She usually tries comes once a week to play with the kids and help with laundry. I know, she is just wonderful. Often she comes because someone in the house has a dentist or doctor's appointment. If it is my husband or I that have the appointment, it is very easy to meet for a lunch date. My mom is already here, so there is no expense of a babysitter. She does not have to come at night either. Lunch is also a less costly meal than dinner.

Sometimes it can be hard to schedule one of these dates, but it works out wonderfully when it does. Besides being important for your marriage, a mom needs that break without the children. One of the best parts is getting to eat my food warm! It is so nice to talk to my husband without being interrupted.

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