Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

What is your New Year's Resolution for 2010?

Mine is to take better care of myself. It sounds funny, but I have forgotten how to rest. Not working part time is even better than I imagined, it gives me time to take care of myself. My husband may be doing great in his stroke recovery, but I do not think I ever really started to recovery from the ordeal myself, who had time - Mr. JP was born soon after his strokes and I started looking for part-time work soon after he was weaned.

Moms in general have a hard time taking care of themselves, and when we do, guilt sometimes follow. Rest in the right proportions is as important as exercise and eating right. While we think of others first, you need to take care of yourself too. Besides blogging of course, reading (esp. my Bible) and exercising have been recent ways I have found to relax and recover.

After being sick and tired so often, I have gone to drastic measures and cut out all Diet Coke. While we do have a pretty good diet and I shop at Trader Joe's, my diet could use improvement. Does anyone have a good book about diet (not dieting) for a busy mom? Should I drink whole, skim or soy milk? I hear so many conflicting reports, so I could use a tried and true book recommendations. My main problems are breakfast and lunch.

Please post your New Year resolutions!

Have a Blessed New Year!!


  1. I don't like to make formal resolutions, but I know that the Lord has placed a few things on my heart...

    1. to deepen my spiritual walk with Him
    2. to read good, solid books that will encourage me in my faith (starting with the Gospel Primer soon!)
    3. and to continue to refine time management and the goals and priorities that the Lord has put before me


  2. Ohhh, Gospel Primer, that sounds good! Please share with us the books you read. I love book suggestions.