Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Neighbors

Cannot remember how I rabbit trailed to this blog post, but it has some great ideas for those little gifts for neighbors and such. We always give the children's librarians a small gift, it would be nice to do something different next year. This December I have been sick so much that I have not so much as baked a cookie, but I am going to print these ideas out and put them in my holiday binder. These ideas are not just "cheap,"I hate going cheap with giving. The gifts ideas are very thoughtful, on budget and useful, though there are some I would not give myself. I love when simplicity and goodwill are combined.

30 Neighbor Christmas Gifts Ideas

My favorites ideas are the # 14 chocolate covered pretzels and #25 frozen lasagna.

This year I got Grace's art and dance teacher each an Amaryllis bulb with a pot to brighten up their house this winter. What ideas can you add to the list?

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