Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now is the Time to Shop

Here is a reminder to take stock of what you have in your children's sizes for next year. Now is a great time to buy what you need for next year. You can get new items for the same price for used ones.

I personally like Children's Place. When their monster sale goes to the additional 50% off, then I buy (You can see this on main page of their website). Since Mr. Z has a January birthday, I also can use a b-day coupon the store e-mails me. By using the coupon and my store credit card discount I saved an extra 20% off my bill on top of the sale price. Gymboree has some good deals too. Look for the rack with deep discounted prices, like $6 for a jumper dress.

It does not really matter what store, most have wonderful deals this time of year on clothes. Just carefully calculate, it is not a deal if you do not need it. Less is more! Also, using a store credit card can save you money, but always pay the credit card as soon as you get home by paying on-line. If you use on-line banking, this is very easy to do. Interest or late fees will blow your savings, and I must say I really prefer using real cash at all times.

What deals have you found?

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