Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Bit Too Much

These GAP carpenter pants for kids come with paint splattered on them, they could be yours for the bargain price of $30.99 - on sale from $34.50. Or you could just burn your money, at least it will give you warmth for a few seconds. It is ironic, you could buy this pants or feed a family of five for a month in a 3rd world country. I suppose people who would buy these pants hire someone to pant, so their kids would not have the opportunity to get the "worked in" look. Wealth is a blessing, to be enjoyed, used wisely, bless others less fortunate and to further Christ's Kingdom. Even if you are not a Christian, how could you buy these pants and sleep at night. Buying ripped jeans okay, but pants stained with pant - come on!

Paint splatter carpenter khakis


  1. Funny. :) We get the paint stained look naturally over here!!

    But I think it's good to remember what we're all capable of apart from Christ. I know that without His grace, I'm capable of committing sins that would make purchasing a pair of $30 paint stained pants look pretty good.

    God is so good to conform us to His image and change our hearts, and I'm so thankful that it is always Him doing the work.

  2. You are right in all you said, the world is the world. We are no better than anyone else either. That message can seem missing in an opinionated post like mind. From start I made sure to put a disclaimer under my personal page:)

    Sometimes, regardless whether you abide in Christ or not, a line is crossed. These pants are just silly. I just had to blow my whistle at this small, material injustice.

    What does it say about our society? Is this what rich, liberals buy so they can feel with one with "the man" (working class)? It is like the politician who forgoes the tie and undoes the top few buttons of his shirt - to show he is one of the working class, which isn't true at all because he is quite wealthy as well as white collar.

  3. Opps! Forgot to add, my opinions are always meant with a good tone:-) That can be hard to tell with e-mail and posts.