Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This cold winter weather makes me pile on all these layers of clothes, it makes me feel so frumpish and sloppy. Even with the heat up high, I freeze without fleece. My coat has permit stains and makes me feel like Mr. Puffy. I really need a good haircut, but I never seem able to set aside the money - I always see books I want to buy the kids for school. We are making headway with the house now that I am not working, but it has FAR to go in clutter control. There is a pile of mail to open, I don't even want to think about e-mail or laundry piles. So, I feel like I am living, breathing frumpiness. I want clean and simple!

It must sound like I am complaining about what I do not have, but it is really about how mess and bulk bother me. I cannot fix the problem right now this second, even though I want to so badly. We cannot pay down debt and buy the clothes I want too(even used), and the same goes with the hair. It is going to take time. It is a season, spring will come and melt my frumpies away.

If my kids were complaining to me or discouraged, I would tell them to look at the problem as an opportunity to change and improve the situation - an opportunity to do something about it. There is not much I can do about the money needed to change things, but I can make the best of what I have on hand. I can get rid of the things I do not love by valuing fashion over frequency. I love to get rid of things, it feels wonderful!

After all , I wonder sometimes that control we seek as moms, should really be handed over to God. We get frustrated when things are out of control, when we should relax, give it to God, seek His wisdom, and do something about it! Besides, fixing my frumies one grain of sand at a time will teach me patience. In addition to being in control, God uses our problems to teach us things too!

Any fashion hits to stay warm and not frumpy would be highly welcome:)

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