Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes Mommy

Sometimes it is the simple changes in our parenting that we make in our lives that can have the biggest impact on our children's behavior. What I mean by that is that we can make a simple change, but the fruit of that little change can be bountiful. The change is simple, so it easy to implement and fashion into a habit for yourself.

Case in point is having my children immediately reply "Yes, Mommy," in a nice tone when they rebel against my directions. If they say no to me or talk back, I do not let them move on until they say, "Yes, Mommy," in a nice tone. It is so amazing how quickly it changes their behavior. Now, after training them, I can just give them a stern look, and they will say a very nice, occasionally reluctant, "Yes, Mommy."

Such a simple phrase to teach, even my littlest one can say it. It amazes me how it resets their buttons and points them back to the direction they should go. This simple action on my part, communicates to them that you are to honor and respect me, saying "no" is unacceptable behavior.

Now if I could just make more of these simple changes to form good habits which stem for Godly character. Please share simple changes that you have made that have had a big impact on your children's behavior. Wanting to build good character is one thing, how to go about it in your daily life in a piratical way is completely another.

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  1. Karen,
    We do the same thing, except Rachel has to happily say, "I'd be happy to" when asked to do something. She gets to put a button in a jar whenever she does. The button jar is not linked to any kind of reward. The satisfaction of filling the jar, dumping the buttons out, and refilling it is exciting enough for her. :)