Friday, October 30, 2009

Weeding Out Distractions

Hi Girls,
Last night I posted what is probably my last post (or at least for a long while) on my other blog Daisy and Pear. The computer has quickly become something that consumes too much valuable time. It's tempting to go on the internet instead of spending extra quality time with the girls. It's the first thing I run to after they're tucked into bed, and it has begun to steal time away from my husband in the evenings. We haven't been operating as a cohesive family unit. We only have a vague idea, if that, of where our family is headed in terms of service to the Lord. And how can we if our evenings are spent consumed with individual interests? It's time to close the laptop and have a face to face, genuine conversation with my husband. Sharing the couch, a conversation, a blanket, and some tea with my love sounds really good right about now... so much better than staring at this cold, mechanical thing.

Jesus is stirring up a desire in my heart for more of Him, and that means I need to shake off the distractions. It's never easy, and I truthfully don't want to give up my cutesy little blog. However, I was clearly convicted, I know it's His will, so how can I refuse? His plans and ways are always better than mine. His promises are good. I'm excited!


  1. Amen, sister. The Lord is carving you into His image. It does hurt, doesn't it? But He is so worth it!!

    Oh, and feel free to make this blog as cutesy as you want=)!

  2. Sharing your convictions is a big encouragement to others. Thanks:)

    While refreshment time is important, it is a good reminder take the correct dosage. As our lives get more hectic, we really do need to pencil in our husbands into our schedule, and in turn our schedule should reflect our priorities. Otherwise, when our children grow up, we'll (husband and wife) look at each other and say, "Who are you?"

    I need my refreshment time after lunch, my kids need time to be by themselves or among themselves too. I try to pick something refreshing and productive. This leaves my evenings open to spend time with Ed and get some work done or vegetate. What I have a hard time with is how much time to take to refresh myself? I know I need it, but how much is reasonable?? What do you guys think?