Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on Evil and Tragic Shootings

Coming out of my baby cave for a deep thought about "evil" and these sort of tragic shootings~ What we need as a nation is to take better care and take action for those who are mentally ill. Yes, there is evil, yes, but we are also used as instruments for good and evil in others lives, and we made "evil" what it is or at the very least, did not step in when help was needed. These sort of things happen when hurt and sick people believe in Satin's lies and act on them, but where were we with the truth, hope, love and healing in Christ. This is not gang bangers here, it is not a parent who locked their kid in a closet, hurt and "evil" on this level is the work of a mad man. One that no one helped. A kind word, and showing Christ's love in a few seconds can alter countless lives. The signs are not always so easy to see, and we won't always catch them.  We are imperfect human beings ourselves.  Be alert.  Look for the signs of a hurting person, and reach out to them, take action to get them the help they need - that is the unknown hero.

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