Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ponderings ~ Karen

My week was last week, but just did not get to it. Better late than never :-)

What am I cooking?

I have NO idea. After being sick for 2 weeks, and on meds that make me sick for a week, I have no energy for menu planning. We are surviving.

What am I reading? - When I am not brain dead from everything else I have to do ;-)
The Open Adoption by Melina and Roszia,
The Backyard Homestead edited by Carleen Madigan - Produce all the food you need on a quarter of an acre. Pretty cool, but I am not milking goats,
The Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin ( who has a blog by the same name) - I highly recommend this book to anyone who identifies with the title.

What am I praying today?
For a past friend who is not honoring her marriage vows, that God will charge her heart and bring back reason to her mind. Also, for God to help her husband and children. Our hearts can slip so little at a time, we can fall so easily and not even realize it. Please Lord, keep us all from such a fate.

What can my children do instead of watching TV?
There are about a million things at Christmas time. We hope to make peppermint smelling snow play dough when our white paint and iridescent glitter arrives in the mail. Got to love Amazon Prime.

Oh, and I wanted to explain the question. It is not the TV is a bad thing or that I am picking on TV. It is just that too much of it is bad, and sometimes it is hard to think of other things to do with your children.

What is one product that has made my life a little easier?
baseball card holders - to hold my coupons neatly in my coupon binder

What am I grateful for?
a helping husband, yes, again - He has been a great help while I have been sick.

What have I done for my marriage lately?
Not much. I am spent. But I did get my husband some nice things on Black Friday and a nice new coat that he looks very handsome in.

What's challenging me lately?
Everything. I am behind in every which way. It is so hard to catch up when I am so worn out. Hopefully it is from my antibiotics, and once that is done, I will feel better.

How were you a mission minded family this week?
My husband plans to do Action Christmas with my daughter at our church. They go out with the youth group and buy presents for kids who other wise would not get any.

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