Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Turn! | Catherine

Hi Friends,
This is Catherine posting.  I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better through the following questions. :)

What am I reading?
 In the Bible, I'm going through Deuteronomy right now.  It sounds like a dry book to read, but I loooove Deuteronomy!  It's actually filled with quite a lot of drama and woven throughout is the amazing faithfulness of our God. 

For fun, I'm also reading my camera manual (yes, I think that's fun!) and anything and everything related to photography!  Check out I Heart Faces and ILP for some great photography forums.  You can also visit my blog to see my latest photo shoot.

What can my children do instead of watching TV?
We're not a no-TV kind of family.  I do permit them to watch one show in the morning and one show in the afternoon.  But when they're not doing that, they can do chores!  Seriously!  The more I involve them in doing chores along with me, the happier they have been.  It sounds strange, right?  But there has been less bickering, more joyful attitudes about helping Mommy (not so at first!), and I just enjoy their company. 

What am I grateful for?
I am grateful for all the little things I take for granted each day.  Healthy children, a roof over my head, food and water, heat when it's cold, and clothes that we're literally swimming in (and have bought literally none of it).

What have I done for my marriage lately?
We're going through Love Dare. :)


  1. Catherine, I so enjoy getting to know you more. You are a blessing to your sweet family & to those around you!

  2. Could list the chores your children do and their ages? People often have a hard time thinking of what their little ones can do to help out.

  3. I just basically have them to whatever I'm doing whether it's laundry or cooking or cleaning. I can always find something for them to do on their level. When I'm doing laundry, I throw the clothes to the girls and they try to catch them and stuff them in the washer. It makes it a game and they have a great time. While I'm cooking, they sit on the counter and help me pour ingredients, wash vegetables, set the table. When I clean I usually give them a baby wipe to dust the furniture. Simple things like that. :)