Friday, June 11, 2010

"I Praise You"

Lord God,
I praise you.
You are so worthy to be praised,
Creator of this beautiful day,
The One who holds all things together.
Forgive me that I do not praise your name
In the face of trials,
In moments of pure bliss,
In an ordinary day.
Help me to look to you,
Not myself,
Not others,
Not your creation,
But at You.
Oh, Lord, how worthy you are to be praised!
You have set my heart aglow,
Your blessings pour forth on my undeserving head.
How holy You are;
How lowly am I!
How big you are,
And, oh, how I am small!
Let me remember this:
Your son, slayed for me,
The One who became a curse for me,
The One who lives forever, seated on the highest throne,
Who stepped down to die for me.
Jesus, Lord, that He is all I need.
I hear it;
Let it penetrate.
My heart is hard and cold most often.
But Your love can surely break through.
Lord God,
I praise you.
Sweet salvation, these underserving lips may drink,
All because of You.

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