Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Homework: A Plus to Homeschooling

Here is another one for the list:

Your evenings are free from homework, and so you have your evenings free.

My memory was refreshed on this point, when during the week, my daughter had a play date with friends who attend public school. Of course, my daughter was having a good time and wanted to stay, so I explained we had to leave because we had to go home and have dinner and I am sure her friends had things they had to do too. Their mother frown and said, "yes, we have homework to do." I forgotten all about being free from that burden. We had our schoolwork done by lunchtime, with the rest of the day for activities, playing or meeting up with others. While her public school mates had already a long day of school, only to have more school work to do after dinner.

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