Monday, April 5, 2010

Hubbard's Cupboard Joyful Hearts Character Curriculum {Review}

Hi Everyone,

I posted this over at my other blog, but thought it fit well here too. :)

As I wait for Rachel to grow into her Kindergarten year, we've been using Hubbard's Cupboard Joyful Heart Character Curriculum for 4-6 year olds in the interim.

There are so many things that I love about this program:
1. The theme of each week is centered around a biblical character trait, a corresponding Bible story, and a memory verse. So far the character traits have been so timely and exactly what we needed to focus on.

2. It incorporates everything that you would expect for a strong preschool program - Bible, literacy, math, music, art, handwriting, social studies, calendar time, hands-on activities, games, etc.

3. The literacy portion is quite solid. It includes suggestions for character and theme related books, sight word memorization and activities, letter and sound review, weekly word family focus, printable easy readers, CVC words, rhyming, syllables, blending, etc.

4. The lessons plans are done for me. I simply print them each week and check off the boxes as we complete each item. I LOVE checking off boxes!

5. They include a scope and sequence for nerds like me. This also ensures me that the curriculum was planned and well thought out.

6. It's free! Everything you need can be printed out. Easy peasy!

I really want to encourage you to click over and take a peek. There is so much to this curriculum! This has been the perfect bridge between finishing our preschool Little Hands to Heaven program and waiting for Little Hearts for His Glory for Kindergarten.

If you do check it out, let me know what you think!

~Catherine :)


  1. I love when curriculum is tucked up under a character trait. Konos does that too. SIGH, I wish I could do all the great curriculum.

    Reviews are always helpful, thanks!

    Getting ready to order Ms. G's 4th grade curriculum (YIKES!), I hope the wheel is all I think it will be. I am thinking about using Little Hands for JP, I love how they brake it up into 5 minute segments.

    Where did all the time go?? Next year I will have a 4th, 1st, and preschool. 4th grade sounds sooo old.

  2. Since you are starting now, are you going to do the seasonal themes or skip that part?

  3. Hi Karen,

    4th grade - wow! How did THAT happen? :)

    When I was researching MFW, I believe I read that you can't start the wheel until your youngest is in 2nd grade. Maybe I'm mistaken though. Something to check into!

    Yep - I skip the seasonal themes, but luckily many of them are generic themes. It works out well anyway because the seasonal books are never actually in the library. They're always checked out. :) Eventually I'd like to get on track with a September to June HS year, but that doesn't seem to be happening for us.

  4. Actually, it is your oldest that determines when you start the wheel. Year 1 of the wheel is started when your oldest child is in 3rd or 4th grade. You only do Adventures in My Father's World (2nd or 3rd) with your oldest. The rest of the children go directly into the wheel when each reaches second grade. They enter whatever year you are on with your oldest. For example Grace will obviously start at year 1 and end at year 5, while Zack will start at Year 2 and end at year 1.

    This is a good post idea:) I love the idea, we will see how it turns out.