Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Kids say the funniest things. Don't they? I love hearing funny things from my kids and stories other mothers tell me about what their kids have said. Here are a couple funny ones. Can you add some of your funny ones to the list?

1. After hearing the story about the last supper, there was a question at the end: "Why did Jesus have to die?" Autumn (4 yrs. at the time) replied, "Because he broke the bread."
2. Autumn, "My pumpkin is growing hair!" (It was actually mold=)!)
3. My girls and I were cleaning the bathroom when my five-year-old said, "God made me a good helper." Then my almost-two-year-old added, "Jesus help me wipe potty!"
4. When I asked Autumn what she learned in Sunday school (when she was 4 yrs.) she said, "Jonah". Then I asked, "What happened to Jonah?" She replied, "He got stuck on a fish."

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