Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Devotion Time

Okay, here is my first post. Keep in mind, I really love my church and have been going there for 13 yrs. Scenario: church sets up a six-week series on the most important thing there is-- the gospel. Sounds like a good idea. We are hearing about it on Sunday, but does everyone really get it? This will make sure of that. Now what could be the problem? Well, our week already consists of life group (weekly Bible study), high impact (my husband and I are youth leaders), not to mention soccer- Tues. & Fri. evenings. So, may I ask, where is there room for family devotion time? Is it really that important? Can't it just wait until our lives aren't as hectic? If that were the case, I don't think it would ever happen. It is easy for me to have my personal devotion time and go about my day, forgetting that my four-year-old needs time with the Lord, too, and she can't read on her own right now, neither does she really have the ambition since she is not a believer. This is why family devotion time is so important. While I can do a morning devotion with her and use a Christian-based curriculum to school my daughters, there is something to say for the whole family gathered around singing praises to the Lord and reading the Word together. Sure, we could go out to gospel night and be edified, but what about my daughters? They are too young to join us (they are 4 yrs. and 21 mo.), so they would wind up in nursery watching a video most likely. Yes, the gospel is important. Like I said in the beginning, it is the MOST important thing. This is why my husband and I would rather be home sharing the gospel with our children.


  1. Hey Sara,
    Matt and I have been going back and forth about it too. I think we've decided to take an 8 week long break from Life Group in order to attend the gospel class. Something has to give in these crazy schedules that we all have! It's easy for the kids to get lost in the shuffle as we get more involved in Bible studies and ministry opportunities. :)

  2. Love your first post. There is a phrase the Catholic church uses called the "domestic church," which I think really captures the essence of the role of the family within the larger church. We have completely lost sight of church not just taking place at church on Sunday or mid-week, but in our home as well. May this be one of the reasons why we have become a one generational church? I think it is more complex than that, but it is a good start.

    We forget in this generation of age segregated activities the importance our family worship time. Children need to see their parents pray, read the Bible and worship. It is just so scriptural. I have been so surprised at the fruit in my children as a result of them just watching.

    Not that we have to be stuck together like glue either, but it would be nice together some of the time. We do need to be active in our church community, but not at the expense of family devotion time. Thanks for the encouragement. It is always a struggle to balance all those good opportunities.