Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Bible Reading

Love these daily devotionals by the Scripture Union titled Discovery (E100).  You can get them on-line for free at this link.  The quarterly books can also be mailed to you for a suggested donation of $25.00.  Another option is that if you "like" Discovery on Facebook, the daily readings will appear on your news feed.  What a great reminder!  I put the bookmark on my task bar right next to my facebook button.  Hopefully that will help me remember too. My days get so crazy, sometimes I forget to eat!  We read the Bible everyday in homeschool and sometimes at dinner, but what a lovely time to read it by myself!

For me, writing thoughts down helps me to learn and remember what I am reading.  So, for my daily devotions I purchased a Standard Diary, Daily Reminder for the year.  All the dates are printed on the page, and there is plenty of room for notes.  What I like about this diary is that it is hardback and bound.  This way I can keep each year, and look back on my past thoughts.

In my diary I copy the 2 prayers in the Discovery devotional for that day, always writing it from my point of view.  Then I answer or copy the application.  I always do those 3 things.  If there is a scripture in the daily reading I want to remember or makes an impression on my, I copy this down also.  Of course, if I have any thoughts either from the reading, devotional, or just from my life at the moment, I record those too.  Finally, at the bottom, I may write one sentence about the day.  For example, "JP lost his first tooth"; or  "We went on a field trip to a garden today."  Little treasures I want to visit again!

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