Friday, October 28, 2011

Pinterest: Organizing Your Ideas

A friend introduced me to Pinterest, which is a website which lets you 'pin' items you find on the web onto your virtual board on their website.  No pile of papers clipped for ideas you plan to get to someday.  Most magazines have this articles on-line now, so you can pin them instead.  No printing recipes that you plan to cook someday, and then not being able to find it when you need it.  It is great for those blog posts, decor ideas, or fun things to do with the kids that want to remember.  It is a great organizational tool that puts your 'idea clutter' and stores it into cyber space, not in your dining room!

When you 'pin' something on Pinterest, it will show a large picture with just a brief description, which is also a link to the site that you pinned from.  There is a small button on your bookmark task bar that lets you do this.  It is also like Facebook, in that you can follow other people, so you can see what your friends pin.  It is a great way to share ideas, and it is set up so you can either view just your friends' pins or everyones' pins.

On Pinterest, you can have serval boards under whatever subject headings you want.  They will suggest some to you when you sign up.  Here are mine:

  • Products I Love
  • Books Worth Reading
  • Homeschooling Ideas
  • Decor
  • Gift Ideas
  • Dinner Ideas
  • Kid's Decor
  • Places I'd Like to Go
  • Craft Ideas
  • Sweet Treats
  • Recipes (this is for food that doesn't fit into sweets or dinner ideas)
  • Holidays
  • Household Management
  • Toys and Fun
  • My Blog Posts (if it is a post I need to go back and reference)
  • Baby Ideas
  • Fitness
  • Travel with Kids
  • Photo Shots
If you are on Pinterest, share your board titles in the comments! 

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