Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

We had our first day of school yesterday, I would love to say it was a picture of Teaching Home magazine, but it was not. It was not all bad. My children, after all, were really excited about starting the new school year. As a group effort, we did make red, white and blue patriotic parfaits, that was close to a homeschooling magazine photo.

What I mean is, I forgot about certain things. I forgot what the preschooler does while you are schooling the older ones, which is that they make a big mess. Now I remember why, as a summer project, I wanted to limit the toys and manipulative in reach and sight. I forgot bouncy boys, no matter how smart they are, hate worksheets that insult their intelligence. For the love of humanity, stop the cutting and pasting - is there not more interesting ways to learn?? For goodness sakes, why in the world did I leave Kindergarten for right before lunch. Forget about doing that load a day of laundry, much less cleaning.

Homeschooling is a great choice for our family. Our children are truly a blessings, and I love teaching them. I do want them to love learning, not have a mother who screams at them to do their worksheet. So instead of registering them for school, I regrouped and came up with a new battle plan for day two. Kindergarten was first, and with no extra worksheets. We started with the most frustrating(handwriting) and move to the least frustrating. The youngest was playing peacefully down in the playroom, and the 3rd Grader was reading from her book bin* and doing her copy work. After Kindergarten was finished, I awarded Mr. Z with computer time. Then I set out on tackling 3rd grade, which my daughter is really enjoying thanks to our switch to new curriculum this year. To boot, by rising up at a reasonable hour, I was able to able to start the laundry, and get 2 loads done.

FYI I have one child hates worksheets and one who loves worksheets.

*Book Bin goes with our curriculum called My Father's World. It is a group of books that go with what we are learning about at the time.


  1. Karen,
    Reading your post, I am so excited to start Kindergarten, too=)! We decided to start Sept. 8th, the day Will also goes back to school. I am having fun turning our back room into a school room. I am hoping to install some gutter shelves,so our books can be well organized and within visiable reach. My friend did this for her school room, and she really thought the kids read more since they could see the books better. Here's a link on how to make them if you're interested:

    -Sara Bausch-

  2. Can I come see your school room when you are done? I love the gutter idea, that has been on my list to do for years. I started early because we will probably take a vacation of some sort during the school year. When we get to Butterflies, we should go to the Academy of Natural Science in Philadelphia together. They have a great Butterfly (live) exhibit and the museum is a lot of fun. FYI we refer to the dead, skinned and stuffed animals as "stuffed animals" so not to scare the kids. They love it, and their is a lot for young kids to do there.

  3. Yes. Definitely sounds like fun. I want to find a good dinasaur exhibit for when we study dinasaurs. Know of any?